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Powerboat Courses – Training Pages

Here are some powerboat training links to information which will help you with your boat training course.
Also some links to diagrams to help you with your boat handling.

These are designed to help you with your course and also to enable you to enjoy your powerboat training and time on the water

Training Literature

RYA Level 2 powerboat course knowledge enhancer

RYA Level 2 powerboat course tide calculation

A page of definitions used in weather bulletins

A page of ‘Man Overboard’ causes and solutions

A page covering engine checks for inboard engines

A page covering engine checks for outboard engines

A page giving powerboat handling advice

Diagrams showing boat handling techniques

  1. Sideways Inertia

PowerBoat Training

It is a good idea to print off the Training pages. You will receive a Powerboat Training booklet to aid your course, but the pages are a useful addition to cover some aspects of the course not covered in the booklet.

We also advise spending some time studying the boat handling pages. An understanding of boat inertia and how to ‘play with the wind’ will greatly aid your enjoyment of the course. And make your powerboat training and boat driving more rewarding.

In due course we hope to add to the library of training material on our site.